water substance at 70 bar and 65 c enters a boiler tube

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Solved: Water Substance At 70 Bar And 65 C Enters A Boil

Water substance at 70 bar and 65 C enters a boiler tube of constant inside diameter of 25 mm. The water leaves the boiler tube at 50 bar and 650 C, at a velocity of 100 m/s. You may assume that density of liquid water is not dependant on pressure. Calculate: (a) the …

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Boiler Electric Tesy Gcv1504420B11Tsr, 150L, 2000 W, Boiler electric Tesy GCV1504420B11TSR, 150l, 2000 W, 8 bar, 10812281 asigura o cantitate cu pana la 15% mai mare de apa calda Noul design al noii duze de apa rece, creeaza efectul unic PISTON EFFECT ce asigura cu pana la 15% mai multa apa calda. > Get A Quote >

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Water substance at 70 bar and 65 degC enters a boiler tube of constant inside diameter of 35mm. the water leaves the boiler tube at 50 bar and 700degK at velocity of …

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Mar 25, 2015· The feed-water enters the back upper drum, and must pass down the third set of tubes into the lower drum before it reaches the other parts of the boiler Thus the coldest water is always where the temperature of the furnace gases is lowest, and as the current through the lower drum is slight, the solid matters separated from the feed-water while

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Nov 19, 2017· A binary liquid mixture contains 12% ethanol in water at 70 oC. Determine the bubble point pressure and the composition of the first drop of vapor. Benzene at 100 °C and 5 bar enters the shell side of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger at a rate of 60 kg/min where it is cooled to 60 °C. Cooling water at 30 °C and 5 bar enters the tube

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The water leaves the boiler tube at 50 bar and 700°K at velocity (m/sec). 61. Water substance at 70 bars and 65°C enters a boiler tube at constant inside diameter at 35mm. The water leaves the boiler tube at 50 bars and 700°K at velocity of 100m/s. Calculate the inlet flow (li/sec). 62. Steam leaves an industrial boiler at 827.4 kPa and 171

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Treated raw water is mixed with potable water and pumped to the boiler feedwater treatment system. The system is designed to remove 99% of the dissolved minerals and provide high-purity water to the boiler. The mixed water flows through a reverse osmosis plant operating at a recovery of 80% and an average salt rejection of 95%.

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Dec 31, 2016· 1. This is an example of water tube boiler and is used in stationary and marine engine. 2. The efficiency of this boiler is much greater than that of the fire tube boiler. 3. This boiler is used when pressure is above 10bar and steam generating capacity is required higher then 7000kg/hr. 12/31/2016 Jahangirabad institute of technology 27 28.

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In a boiler for the London & O 0 0 0 South-Western Railway Co., ha y o 0 0 ing a grate area of 31.5 sq. ft. and O 0 0 0 ft, there heating surface Ce of 112water t e water-tubes Morison Furnaces each 21 in. diameter. These are arranged in two clusters, each containing 56, one set being placed above the fire-bridge, and the other set nearer the fire door end of the boiler.

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Dec 21, 2017· In engineering applications, there are various types of boilers such as water tube boilers, fire tube boilers, packaged boiler, fluidized bed combustion boiler, pulverized fuel boiler and waste heat boilers. These boilers are used in different industries such as power plants, paper, and chemical. The present paper reports various problems (such as agglomeration, slagging, fouling, caustic

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A. 40.6 ft/sec B. 2.5 ft/sec C. 5.1 ft/sec D. 81.2 ft/sec Water substance at 70 bar and 65 c enters a boiler tube of constant inside diameter of 35 mm . the water leaves the boiler tube at 50 bar and 700 k at velocity of 100 m/s. calculate the inlet volume flow ( li/s)

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