if 1.4 kg of water were vaporized to steam in aboiler how much acetone in kg would need to vaporized to use the same amount of h

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Heat of Vaporization-the amount of heat required to convert unit mass of a liquid into the vapor without a change in temperature. For water at its normal boiling point of 100 ºC, the heat of vaporization is 2260 J g-1. This means that to convert 1 g of water at 100 ºC to 1 g of steam at 100 ºC, 2260 J of heat must be absorbed by the water.

How much power (in watts) would it take to vaporize

Mar 22, 2016· Here is what I get using these 3 tables. Metals - Specific Heats Melting and Boiling Points common Materials Metals - as Liquids I'm using Brian Snow's mass calculation To heat the iron from room temperature to melting point Specific heat iron * m


(90/60 kg/s)(20 kJ/kg) + (90/60 kg/s)(5.19 26kJ/kg K)(430 310)K in out & p W Q mC T T 2 1 & & 5-104 A hot water stream is mixed with a cold water stream. For a specified mixture temperature, the mass flow rate of cold water is to be determined. Assumptions 1 Steady operating conditions exist.

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307. A vessel with a volume of cubic meter contains liquid water and water vapor ion equilibrium at 600 kPa. The liquid water has mass of1kg. Using the steam table, calculate the mass of the water vapor. A. 0.99kg; B. 1.57 kg; C. 2.54 kg; D. 3.16 kg; Formula: from the steam table at 600kPa. vƒ = 0.001101 m^3 / kg. vg = 0.3157 m^3 / kg . Vtot

1.How much energy is required to vaporize 10.00 grams

7.The heat required for water to become steam at its normal boiling point is 1)1,810 2)904 3)2.26 4).400 8.What is the minimum number of kiloJoules needed to change 40.0 grams of water at 100ºC to steam at the same temperature and pressure?

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(b) C 2 H 6 (c) C 2 H 5 (d) C 4 H 10 (e) C 4 H 12. 12. A mixture of 90.0 grams of CH 4 and 10.0 grams of argon has a pressure of 250 torr under conditions of constant temperature and volume. The partial pressure of CH 4 in torr is: (a) 143 (b) 100 (c) 10.7 (d) 239 (e) 26.6 13.

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A 0.156 kg mass of metal with a specific heat capacity of 115 J/kg•°C and an initial temperature of 94.4°C is placed in a 0.544 kg calorimeter at an initial temperature of 22.1°C with a specific heat capacity of 333 J/kg•°C. The calorimeter is filled with 0.149 kg of water with an initial temperature of 22.1°C.

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File Size: 157KB I take 1.0 kg of ice and dump it into 1.0 kg of water and, when equilibrium is reached, I have 2.0 kg of ice at 0 degrees C. The water was originally at 0 degrees C. The specific heat of water= 1.00 kcal/kg x degrees C, the specific heat of ice = 0.50 kcal/kg x degrees C, and the latent heat of fusion of water is 80 kcal/kg.

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Mar 30, 2014· 4. How much heat is required to vaporize 1.5 kg of liquid water at its boiling point (Hv = 2.26 × 106 J/kg)? 1.5 × 106 J 3.4 × 106 J 4.9 × 106 J 6.6 × 107 J 6. Which equation would you need to rearrange to calculate the specific heat of an object? Q = mCT U = Q + W S = Q/T Q = mHf 7. If IF = KE, then in what state of matter is the substance? liquid plasma gas solid 9. Which equation would

How much energy will be needed to vaporize 175g of wat

The amount of energy needed to vaporize 175 g of water depends on the temperature of the water. However, we shall assume it is 100 degrees C. We multiply 175 by 539 and get 94,325 calories.

AREN 2110 Spring 2010 Homework #2: Due Friday, Jan 29,

4. Does the amount of heat absorbed as 1 kg of saturated liquid water boils to saturated vapor have to the same as the heat released when 1 kg saturated water vapor condenses at 100 oC? Explain. Yes. Absorbed energy during vaporization has to equal the energy released during condensation at the same …

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